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Success in D2C : Akampüs Wins 4 Precious DP Awards

Akampüs wins 4 DP Awards (DP ÖDÜLLERİ) with BANABAK and PRİMA KULÜBÜ projects:

  • 🥇 Best Direct Social Responsibility Project : 🏆 P&G BANABAK - Gençlik 100 Yaşında

  • 🥇 Best Loyalty Program : 🏆 P&G PRİMA KULÜBÜ

  • 🥇 Best in Competitions and Festivals : 🏆 P&G BANABAK - Gençlik 100 Yaşında

  • 🥈 Best Mobile / Smart Device Application : 🥈 P&G PRİMA KULÜBÜ

DPID (Direct Marketing Communicators Association) was established in 2005 to represent the evolving direct marketing industry in Turkey. The association defines direct marketing as all practices which establishes a relationship between the target audience and the brand by using channels other than the mass media and creates loyalty, concrete, inviting, encouraging, interactive and measurable marketing communication. In order to provide a vision to direct marketing and to ensure the growth of the sector, DPID aims to communicate, improve service and fight against unfair competition. Under the umbrella of DPID, Event Marketing, Data Based Marketing, Interactive Marketing, Point of Sale and Field Marketing disciplines are covered.


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