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Banabak is a mobile loyalty app for youth community in Turkey.
 Banabak is a youth loyalty startup!
 Where you have a personalized offer for anything you’d do! 
 Eating out...
 Ordering in...
 Getting a tooth paste...
 Spending time with friends... 
P&G wants to be a part of the daily lives of young people with Banabak, which brings together P&G personal care brands under one roof, and to increase the awareness and purchase rates among young people by using the renewed brand as its primary data source.

With the insight that young people are trying to meet their needs with limited budget, we have developed a mobile application where we can provide youth-only benefits. This app offers youth communities the opportunities of P&G brands and partners: From lecture notes to movie tickets, from e-gaming points to the chance to win a brand new smart phone. By participating in various tasks such as scanning P&G shopping receipts and inviting friends, young people can collect Banabak points = BAKS, and spend them in our rewards pool.


We have positioned Banabak mobile application as the center of P&G's youth-centered loyalty program. We prepared a gamified environment to acquire young users, to retain them and to regain inactive segments. Our currency, which we call BAKS in our gamified setup, our leaderboard that triggers inter-university competition, our personalized offers, our rewards pool where BAKS can be spent within the application have formed the backbone of our loyalty program. Thanks to our OCR-supported shopping receipt scanning and detection infrastructure, which is exemplary at P&G globally, we followed all the details of customer consumption and prepared personalized sales-oriented campaigns. We proved our contribution to the sales of not only P&G but also partner brands with live data. Our Banabak application still helps young people at the right times by micro-targeting according to their academic, social, behavioral and shopping data and offers them various opportunities.
In MVP product we;
  • Integrated our in-house built receipt scanning system for consumers to earn points for shopping youth targeting P&G brands;
  • Added the Banabak reward pool where users can buy free products with the points earned, 
  • Embedded personalized youth content,
  • Strengthened brand loyalty with gamified actions.
Akampüs Loyalty Team provided program management services:
  • While following consumption habits with our receipt scanning and analysis infrastructure, we prepared segment-specific sales-oriented journeys,
  • By analyzing the behaviors and content consumption within Banabak app, we sent hyper-personalized messages to users in their journeys to optimize retention.
After the release in 2017, Banabak app showed great results. Continuous improvement and optimization have been deployed in parallel with consumer centric business decisions. Ending 2020, our beloved client P&G and Akampüs Team are proudly awarded by more than 18 prestigious marketing awards!

Project : Banabak Loyalty App

Client   : Procter & Gamble

Tags     :  loyalty    exclusive offers        geolocation    QR codes    gamification    receipt scanning    utility tools    rewarding    loyalty paas 

Download :

Videos :

App Features:

  • Onboarding
  • Registration and authorization
  • Discover offers and their details
  • Discover reward pool and details
  • In-house CMS 
  • Integration of Google Analytics, Fabric, Crashlytics
  • Product categories
  • Custom admin panel
  • Integration of third-party marketing automation platform: Insider
  • Access to customer support with Intercom

Agency Services Provided:

  • UX/UI Design
  • MVP Development (Android, iOS)
  • Ongoing Development (Android, iOS, web back end and front end)
  • Project Management
  • Loyalty Program Management
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • iOS
  • Android
  • iOS Native, Android Native, Firebase RealtimeDB, Firebase Analytics, Firebase Storage, MS Azure Cloud, Azure Web Services, Redis Cache Server, IIS Cache Manager, Azure Functions, Azure SQL, Neustar P&G DMP, Janrain, Mapp, Insider, Adjust
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