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Akampüs Loyalty Marketing Tech Products
Our proprietary technologies and products to acquire, engage and evolve customer relationships.
Akampus Loyalty As A Service

ALP® :
Akampus Loyalty Platform®

Proprietary optimization methodology and full-stack loyalty framework leveraged to classify, quantify and predict consumer behavior across customer journeys.


Receipt Scanning & Purchase Tracking Integrations

Our receipt scanning technology allows brands to run campaigns or loyalty rewards programs without having to put any codes on packaging or integrating with any point of sale systems.

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Influencer Scoring

Our technology that utilizes proprietary algorithms to measure and rank the most effective influencers on loyalty platforms and social media. 

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Network Value Maximization

Proprietary value maximization methodology to classify, quantify and predict consumer purchase behavior and baskets aggregated with their social-network baskets, weighted with their social influence scores. We are upgrading the 'Most Valuable Customer' by definition.

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