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Fancy becoming an influencer? Now is your chance!
SuperSavvy App is a mobile loyalty app for savvy women in UK & Ireland.
SuperSavvy App, in a nutshell:

SuperSavvy App is a mobile platform designed to support and inspire women to make every day just that little bit easier.

In the growing families segment, where the number of brands and competition increased, our client had to diversify and strengthen the benefits offered by P&G UK in order to create loyalty. Women whose mobile use and mobile solution needs are increasing rapidly are in search of brands that are worth their money and they can trust. We wanted to provide the opportunity to easily organize life through a single mobile application and to fill the gap in the mobile world for the savvy women in UK.  

For SuperSavvy, it’s not about creating the perfect life or eye lashes. Because life can sometimes be anything but perfect.

So SuperSavvy mission is to celebrate the little things, to embrace the imperfections, the organised chaos and all those untidy moments that make life real.

Team of experts, authors and brand influencers are here to bring handpicked offers and tried-and-tested new products to try. Also lots of practical tips, inspiring stories and reliable advice on everything from parenting and home décor, to wellness and personal beauty are here to explore!

Calling super savvy UK mums:

SuperSavvy brand ambassadors get exclusive access to testing top household and beauty products for free, every week : Testing opportunities for brands including Ariel, Olay, Fairy, Flash, Braun, Head & Shoulders, Oral-B, Aussie, Daz, Herbal Essences, Lenor, Gillette, Always,  Febreze, Viakal, Tampaz, Old Spice, Pantene and more.

Brought to UK by Procter & Gamble and AKAMPÜS teams!

In order to support the brand perception that “worth the money, save money and enable me to reach the right information”, we developed the MVP version of SuperSavvy App with the most necessary features for it to start bringing value to P&G UK.
SuperSavvy App provides the opportunity to organize life through a single mobile application (a SuperApp) for UK women, whose need for fast access to reliable information, mobile solutions and savings is increasing.
In MVP product we;
  • Integrated our in-house built loyalty management system for consumers to earn points for shopping P&G products in UK market;
  • Added the weekly trial and monthly reward pool where users can win free products with the points earned, 
  • Embedded personalized expert video content that will quickly get the right information for savvy women,
  • Strengthened brand loyalty with gamified actions like friend referrals, quickfire questions, rapid product reviews and also daily app visits. 
Akampüs Loyalty Team have been providing program management services:
  • With our data-driven loyalty infrastructure, we prepared segment-specific loyalty rules,
  • By analyzing the behaviors and content consumption within the app, we sent hyper-personalized messages to users in their journeys to optimize retention.
After the release in 1st of Feb, 2021, the app showed great results. Continuous improvement and optimization is being deployed in parallel with consumer centric business decisions.
In 6 months after SuperSavvy launch, thru app we achieved :  
- Total 180 K user registrations; 
- 299 K product reviews; 
- 549 K product video views; 
- 1,546 K answers to our questions; 
- 44 K friend referrals. 
- And with our app we collected and processed 45 different attributes per user. 

Project : SuperSavvy Loyalty App

Client   : Procter & Gamble UK

Tags     :  loyalty    exclusive offers    QR codes    gamification    utility tools    rewarding    loyaltypaas 

Download :

App Features:

  • Onboarding
  • Registration and authorization
  • Discover offers, trials and their details
  • Discover leaderboard
  • Integration of Google Analytics, Fabric, Crashlytics
  • P&G product reviews
  • Custom admin panel
  • Integration of third-party marketing automation platform: Insider
  • Access to customer support with Intercom

Agency Services Provided:

  • UX/UI Design
  • MVP Development (Android, iOS)
  • Ongoing Development (Android, iOS, web back end and front end)
  • Project Management
  • Loyalty Program Management
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • iOS
  • Android
  • iOS Native, Android Native, Firebase RealtimeDB, Firebase Analytics, Firebase Storage, MS Azure Cloud, Azure Web Services, Redis Cache Server, IIS Cache Manager, Azure Functions, Azure SQL, Neustar P&G DMP, Janrain, Mapp, Braze, BazaarVoice, Adjust
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