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MarTech Awards 2022 - Unforgettable Award Night ✨

We continue to be proud of the awards we won with the Prima Kulübü 😍

We are deemed worthy of the first prize in the Best CRM Technology categories with Prima Kulübü Single Customer View Technology: Prima 360 project & Best Technology Use in Loyalty Program Applications with the Prima Kulübü project 🥇🤗

#Martech Awards is a program organized once a year by and rewards the technologies used in marketing and the creative and effective use of these technologies, and it has a special place in our hearts.💛

Creativity is an important factor like entrepreneurial people. In addition, the fact that entrepreneurs see change as an opportunity makes it easier for them to realize innovation. #VeriYönetimi, #Entegreİletişim, #İnovasyon, #Optimizasyon, #GerçekZamanlıDönüşümTakibi, #TekMüşteriGörünümü, #Müşteriİletişimi, #Sadakat ve #Ölçümleme

Congratulations to our dedicated Procter & Gamble and AKAMPUS teams! 🎉


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